Jumat, 18 Januari 2013

Berani Makan Ini ?? Kue Berbentuk Potongan Tubuh Manusia,

A side of sideboob? A breast complete with a nipple piercing and protruding chest bones was on the menu

H-armful drinking: It takes a strong stomach - and liver - to brave the cocktail menu, served inside a human arm

Tasty torture: Chocolate rope is wrapped around this marzipan hand, oozing raspberry blood all over the table

Jelly belly: Flesh cake made to look like a woman's stomach will be on offer tonight

Handy: The marzipan hand wrapped in chocolate rope in full view - and it was even given a manicure

Fine cut: The cake knife takes a slice of a piece of wounded flesh

Throw-upcake: Lemon-drizzle cupcakes decorated to perfection and then covered in vomit is set to go on display